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Puppy Training Tips that WORK

Ok so they key is consistency and using simple repetition in your wording.

The first things you really need are ‘sit’, 'stay' and ‘come’, along side toilet training..

In the house have a little plate of treats at easy access so you know where they are.. maybe every hour grab a treat and ask them to 'come' or 'sit' and reward them when they do.

Get them to sit every time you are going out to put the lead on and reward that also. Every street corner or crossing you can practise sit and stay as can you also if you pop in a shop etc. I reward if they have stayed put and not barked.

Whenever you are out and wherever you are have treats in your pocket or bag. Every sit or come gets a reward as does a pee or poo.. I use the wording ‘lets get busy’, 'do you need to get busy?' to cue and when successful ‘well done getting busy’ lots of excited praise and a treat. This can be further developed to adding the words 'wee' and 'poo' so they know exactly what you are asking for and what it is when they have done it.

Have everyone in your family use the same words and to practice recalling in different places with just a simple “ ****, Come”.

No jumping and no biting, just simply ’Off **** ’ as they approach anyone they might jump on and if on you a hands crossed and turn and walk away

Try and get them socialised with other dogs and any out of hand rough play where they get over zealous they goes back on the lead and are removed from the park by you.. they will soon learn to play nicely. Parks are also great for practising re call ‘****, Come’ as other dogs are the hardest distraction.

An now to toilet training..

No rewards for any messes in the house even if on a wee pad once you are initiating outdoor toilet training and even a disappointed ‘oh no *Insert Name*, we don’t get busy inside.. thats not good’.

Pee pad near the front door so they know that the pee pad is at least 2nd best or on deck if they have access to outside but again, no treats even if they go on it.

I set an alarm on my phone to take my puppy out every 1.5 hours between 6.30am and 8pm.. I do it no ifs or buts and then there should be no reason for messes in the house. If I get lazy and push an extra 30 mins I will always regret it. The older they get, the longer the gap can get.

Try and keep an eye on them and grab them if they looks like they are about to pee or poo but if you do the alarm thing and are regular at taking them out to the garden or for a walk then you should be ok.

If you forget treats then squeal your butt off very excitedly and cuddle and rub their head with praise..

Lastly if they steals kids toys, your shoes.. simply ’No *****, thats not yours’ and give them one of their toy to swap ‘this is yours, good boy/girl’

Dogs are easy to train as they love to please but you need to be firm and confident..


  1. Oh thank you , we are hoping for a new puppy - we will take it to Puppy training but they will come in handy in between.

    1. I am doing some advanced training soon as it just intrigues me so I will report back on that too :)


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