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I am back and with baggage..

I have been missing in action. I didn't let anyone know I was going and I sorta kinda didn't care because I was so busy with new things I had no time to worry about what anyone else thought.

So whats new? 

I will unpack it all over a few blog posts but a quick sum up is..

I have been training for a 50k Trail Run in August.
We turned Plant Based in April, Yes the WHOLE Family is now Vegan.
I raced a 30k Trail Race last month and came 1st in my age group!
I have done a full circle grieving for Dexter and Maggie the Blue is now 7 months old.
I am officially a full time Mum and making changes.
As a family we are moving towards a more Minimal life..
I have booked flights back to Australia for my B Day in October so I can meet my nephew
AND I have moved my other website Lemonade Lusts over to here so I can keep it simple

Our family has been making massive changes and I want to share the positive, negative and the reasons why with you over the next few months. 

I know for sure there are things we have been doing that everyone could starts to implement and see some great results. 

Sorry I buggered off with no warning but don't be mad.. there is good stuff to come.

Keep up with me on Insta here.. and lets chat.. I don't have many friends over here in the USA..

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