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The things that shape who you are...

The first thing I want to say is that it is never too late to change the way you are or the person you want to be.

The way you are spoken to and engaged with as a child has such huge effect on who you become as an adult. Its not to say that if you have an abusive upbringing you will become abusive yourself, nor need it turn you into a weak insecure character that fears almost anything, it is more a case of what you yourself do with those thoughts and emotions as you process them and age that will shape the person you become.

I personally feel the biggest thing I can do as a parent is not to force my thoughts and ideas on my kids, rather to show them what I believe in and explain why I say the things I say then let them decide if it resonates with them and whether they choose to take them forward in their own growth path.

If I look at my upbringing and then how I have shaped my adult life it is two fold. I split it between family and friends..

The things I admired or aspired to emulate in my parents I have developed and turned into my own passions. In the same breath the things I see that they made mistakes with or were not so great at I have made sure to develop for myself or just banish from my mindset.

My husband has shaped me in untold ways as he has been by my side since I was 21 years old and becoming part of his family and then creating our own gave me a renewed vision of what I wanted the future me to become. I am lucky to say he is an honest man that speaks his mind but is never mean. He supports me, as I do him, in every facet of life be it our career paths, sporting endeavours or the way we parent.

Friends are a huge impact on who I am today. The real ones bring out the best in you and tell you your faults. I can consistently count on one hand those that sit under that banner at any one time but some come and go taking those hands to two at certain times. Their truth has taught me to listen and learn, to not take rough words as an attack but as an opportunity to become a better me, a better Mum, a better partner and a better being.

Life is here for living.. don't let it be with regrets. If those who surround you don't support you in being the best person you can be then think about this.

You can't change the people who surround you but you can change the people who surround you..

Are you happy with the version of you that you are? 
What have you done to change yourself as you have grown up? 

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  1. It's so true "you can't change the people who surround you but you can change the people who surround you." It's all about finding your people.


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