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September Lemonadelustloving

Gosh does it feel good to be back in a groove of blogging a little more regularly.. we have had some new people joining #lemonadelustloving too which is always lovely..

We have (from top left clockwise) the cute as anything bows from Tiny Finery Boutique, Lovely Candles from Kennedy And Warner, Pretties from that amazing kids shop Kit Design Co and Dinasour Stomp from Little Wolffs 

.. as I will every other month, I need to choose the winner that I will feature 4 or more times on the Insta Feed over the next month AND I will be putting them on my Pinterest Boards too...

This month was really hard!!. I am digging the selection of Kennedy and Warner so thats my pick for this month. Look out for my favourite picks on Insta and keep tagging #lemonadelustloving to be featured yourself.

Have you got friends starting a new business? Make sure they get tagging too..

Is it our duty?

Being a parent brings a whole host of responsibilities.

The simple duty of care to raise them and keep them healthy, to teach them manners and respect, to help them navigate right from wrong but then there is SOOOO much more..

The tiny, ridiculous things.

Recently I was taking a picture of the kids in a group and said 'Let's do a Boomerang'. They all jumped to action with glee apart from one kid who said 'What is a Boomerang?'. The other kids laughed at him and it opened up a conversation for me with his Mum about Social Media and just general online stuff.

She doesn't do social media, no FB, no Insta, hell she didn't even know her iPhone could shoot slo-mo video or how to screenshot.

It's not that she is an idiot on line, it is a choice. She is all over ordering on line and booking stuff, emails etc. She runs a successful jewellery business by word of mouth and has never thought to promote it on line. I have no doubt she could make more sales if she did (even though I wouldn't relish the challenge of building new traffic via any SM these days) but that is not my quandary.

My question is whether it is her parental responsibility to be across SM and all those other developing platforms.

Should she be 'in the know' and slowly teaching her kids so they are not left out?

Should she be aware of how they work so she knows the ins and outs for when her kids want to be on them?

Is it our duty to be current and up to date on all things current and modern as our kids age?

Vegan sources of Protein..

I get asked it ALL the time..

as in E.V.E.R.Y time I say I am plant based I get 'Oh wow, thats so cool. How do you manage the protein?'

So this is a short post of simple facts as really it is a simple answer with easy ways to do so...


I think I consume 7 or more of those items on a daily basis. Add a day with a salad or Green Smoothie and they possibly ALL get used.

So can we put it to bed?

Plant Based peeps do not suffer for protein...

One a month to keep forever..

We have been adopting new approaches to so many things in our little family of late and its has been pretty darn successful.

Do you know why?

We only do one change at a time, one habit a month.

We decide on a habit we would love to incorporate in our daily lifestyle and we commit to doing it for the full 30/31 days of the next month.

Not EVERY single one has stuck for good as an official daily thing but most have and the ones that haven't are certainly being done well over 50% of the time in the days and months following.

Anyway I figured it was worth sharing the idea and promoting you to do the same so I am going to post a new idea each month. One that is easy to accomplish but transformative in its results.

You up for it?

The first one to attack is so, so simple.

Everyday, the minute you wake, take 5 minutes to just sit. Stretch if you wish but be calm and think of a positive thought, maybe a little mantra, a promise to yourself for the day that makes you happy.

Don't rush into life, don't take a crappy sleep with you or a bad dream, don't let a previous shitty day travel over. Choose to start the day on a positive track and you will be surprised how well you manage to carry that intention throughout that day..

You can do that can't you?