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Is it our duty?

Being a parent brings a whole host of responsibilities.

The simple duty of care to raise them and keep them healthy, to teach them manners and respect, to help them navigate right from wrong but then there is SOOOO much more..

The tiny, ridiculous things.

Recently I was taking a picture of the kids in a group and said 'Let's do a Boomerang'. They all jumped to action with glee apart from one kid who said 'What is a Boomerang?'. The other kids laughed at him and it opened up a conversation for me with his Mum about Social Media and just general online stuff.

She doesn't do social media, no FB, no Insta, hell she didn't even know her iPhone could shoot slo-mo video or how to screenshot.

It's not that she is an idiot on line, it is a choice. She is all over ordering on line and booking stuff, emails etc. She runs a successful jewellery business by word of mouth and has never thought to promote it on line. I have no doubt she could make more sales if she did (even though I wouldn't relish the challenge of building new traffic via any SM these days) but that is not my quandary.

My question is whether it is her parental responsibility to be across SM and all those other developing platforms.

Should she be 'in the know' and slowly teaching her kids so they are not left out?

Should she be aware of how they work so she knows the ins and outs for when her kids want to be on them?

Is it our duty to be current and up to date on all things current and modern as our kids age?


  1. What an interesting question. In my opinion it's important to be on top of the socials so you can know what's going on. I was given a really good tip when my girls were starting to go on facebook. You make them 'friend' you, but you never comment or like anything. They'll forget you are there, but you are like a silent witness - and if something questionable comes up, you are in the loop so to speak. Chances are it will all be innocent and frankly v boring, but you hear all these horror stories about bullying and online grooming and you just never know. Kids are smart though too, if they don't want you to know anything they'll get around it, but I think it pays to be informed. Having said all that though, my eldest has just gone to uni and I am thinking it might be a good idea to disconnect - when you start seeing posts of drinking games etc - well, there are somethings I'd just rather not know

    1. Ha, ha.. so true.. sometimes it nice to be in the dark but once they are old enough that is ok :)


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