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2 Podiums in 3 weeks.. what did I do?!

Taking up trail running was not a new thing for me as The Northern Beaches of Sydney certainly have their fair share but the elevations here around Marin Headlands where I live are a tad different..

In training for a 50k race you have to get out there and do some intermediate distances in the time leading up to the big date. I did a 30k and a 21k around a month apart and got 1st and 2nd place in my age group.

I will not claim for a second that I would ever have expected it, but now that I have it has caused me to reflect and see what I did right and differently over my past races.

I truly think it has been a combination of things..

RUNNING : Of course, gradually growing the miles/ km's on my feet per week is the first part (once I have finished my 50k I will share my schedule in case it is of use to anyone)..

REFORMER PILATES : Having a strong core and building my leg strength was HUGE for maintaining strength when I hit the hills on those trails

YOGA : I have never bothered to be diligent with stretching whilst training so doing a full hour Yoga Class twice a week was amazing and protected me from injury I am sure

HIKING : On trail runs you can never run the same pace as you do on road races, the hills are super steep and you just have to walk some of them but walking them with strength and holding a decent pace means you really loose very little time but you 100% save your heart rate and core temperature from rising past a point you find it hard to get it back down from

MEDITATION : I will admit I have not been doing this the whole time but the wording is the simplest explanation I have for taking the time to focus on mental clarity a few times a week. On the tough parts of the race my inner monologue was strong and powerful as I had a huge bank of previous positive thoughts I had used as my daily practice.

DIET : I do have to give credit to going plant based for a certain part as quite simply I have never recovered so easily from such a decent load of training activity.
Are you training for anything at the moment? What do you find gives you the most results? 

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