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lemonade lusts : salihah moore

When you come across an artist and bookmark her website for a personal purchase then walk into a shop a fortnight later and they same artist is stocked there, I would call that a sign. Well I ignored it and then had her crop up at a friends house and AGAIN on another website.

Lets just say I am pretty sure I need to own some Salihah Moore. Salihah is an artist and designer of hand beaded jewellery and wall hangings. 

Originally from California, Salihah developed a deep love affair with the ocean, sand, flora and fauna of the Pacific coast. Working with the seed beads reminds her of sifting through sand grains as a child and being in awe of the hues and variations.

All her weavings are hand sewn at her home studio in Boulder, Colorado with a needle and thread using Czech and Japanese glass seed beads. 

You can find her whole collection HERE...

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