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Visiting Palm Springs.. the TRUTH..

Palm Springs Baby!!.. I assumed it was a vibrant, hip and happening place in the desert. How could I not when all the images you ever see are mid century funkiness in pinks and pastels?

Well the houses ARE mid century and there IS a huge amount of fabulous colours BUT it is a huge area that is really spread out and is mainly residential, with a large portion of those residents being retired alongside the heat for most of the year it results in 60% of the year being rather like a ghost town.

We went there for a 'downtime' holiday so it was perfect. We had a full week in a house with a pool and just chillaxed with a visit to Joshua Tree and Salvation Mountain, an afternoon at Wet n Wild, Movies and Dinner out a couple of times.

The first morning I went for a run at 7am and I nearly died by 8am from heat.

The second day I left at 5.45am and laughed my head off as EVERYONE was out and about walking their dogs, doing their exercise and mowing lawns etc.

I had found out the secret.. get up early, get outdoors then spend the day by the pool or in the air con.

There are amazing places to hike and visit close by but we chose the Joshua Tree and went for Sunset. It was magical. I wonder whether I would go back to hike there but to be honest as the terrain is very dry and rocky I would prefer to hike where the plants and growth changes more dramatically over the seasons.

Salvation Mountain is in the middle of nowhere and hotter than hot in the Summer but oh so weird and wacky. It is a shrine to God and feels like some whacky kids program film set. We loved it just for the happy vibes and random location.

The Palm Springs Tramway is like going to another world and SO beautiful. You get up 2.5 miles about the desert and it is cooler and greener with these amazing views across the desert. A total must in my book if you like being amongst nature and climbing rocks.

Lastly if you have kids, Wet n Wild. It is small but fab. On an afternoon you can go in after 3pm for a reduced price and that is more than enough time to get around all the rides for sure.

I need to show you the other places we have been since I took my break from blogging.. anyone else coming San Francisco way soon? 

Do message me :)

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