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Do you take your kids to magical places?

I was talking with someone the other day who was saying she doesn't take her kids places as she feels they won't appreciate or remember it until they are at least teenagers.  Now don't get me wrong, I think most of us will say they don't appreciate half of what we do or give them but no remember to maybe appreciate later in life? 

I know I wish my parents had spread their wings with us a little more instead of going to the same place each year. They spent good money and I have so many happy memories of those holidays but now as an adult I realise we could have done more of Europe than just Spain!.

I didn't take anything other than beach holidays with the kids in the early days but since they were 7 we have been trying to show them lots more and I don't know if they are unique but they remember lots of it, we share stories and we plan the next adventures.

Last week we followed Dad to New York for the 2nd (last time was 12 months before) and we ticked some serious bucket list spots. The kids had a blast and we mixed in more serious stuff with candy stops just to keep it interesting... I figured I would share them in case you or someone you know was heading that way with small people.

Brooklyn Bridge : The best view is walking it from the Brooklyn side so we walked Manhattan and took Brooklyn back. If you are there on a Sunday there are fab markets Brooklyn side that you could visit before taking the trip back across.

Food is EVERYWHERE : We were told by locals that people hardly ever eat in and often book dinner at 10pm. WTF?! I could never afford that but then again I have no want or need to spend all our wages on eating, lol. We are plant based so all ours were vegan or had options but my favourites were By Chloe, Le Botaniste, Dirty French. The Sprinkles ATM was a stop for the kids as was Dylans Candy Bar..

Ground Zero : We could not visit NYC without paying our respects and going through the tough but needed process of discussing this horrific event with the kids. I didn't think I would be all that emotional given the time that has passed since the actual event but I could not have been more wrong.
Seeing all those names, reading the special area for first responders, taking in the magnitude of what it did to the country and even the world.. It was huge, the sadness passed quickly but the memory of . my feelings will last for sure and I am so glad we went.

Empire State Building : The views are just amazing and it gives you such a solid geographical knowledge of the city. Its a wicked way to the see the city, full stop. You can buy a VIP Pas to skip to the front of the queue on each level. This will save you an hour on the less busy days and a few on the busy ones.. 

Around and about : You can't go past visiting Central Park, Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park.. The Flatiron is on the way alongside The Chrysler Building. We also went to walk The Highline which was fab but would be a billion times better in Spring Summer

Christmas Time in NY : If you are there for Winter just pray it snows before you arrive and you get there the day after, we were there for the snow AND the day after. One was freaking freezing and the next was magical

Statue of Liberty : It is a must see, just be ready to wonder why it is not humungous.. it is not like it is small but it isn't a touch on the Empire State etc. We got tickets to go just to the pedestal and that was high enough.. as it is not that high and also on an island away from the city I can't imagine any higher will give you any more of a view. I don't know for sure but that is my thoughts..

Subway : It seems weird to say travel the subway as its just a train huh? Well yes it is but it is quick, cheap and easy AND has amazing buskers, a few mad people and just feels pretty cool as the kids have seen them so many times in films.

Have you taken your kids anywhere awesome? Do you wait until they are older too? 

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