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Life Lately..

: I met my first nephew by blood, Atlas. I had to fly back to Australia to do it and it hurt like hell to leave but I am so glad I went. It was my birthday present from Marcus and he managed the kids for nearly 2 whole weeks. I have never been away from them for more than 3 days and that hurt like hell too but again I am so glad I went. I miss my brother, I miss my SIL and I now miss Atlas but seeing the brilliant unit they are and their happiness reminded me of how important it is to do what you need to do for your unique unit and that selfishness sometimes breeds content.
: How have I lived in Australia for 16 years and never made it to Byron? The weather was shit when I was there but in between showers I ran the beaches and went walking with my nephew. I drank beetroot lattes and ate heirloom vegetable stacks and did all the things you are meant to do in Byron. I WILL go back and next time my kids will be by my side.
: U.S traditions. The Christmas Tree. We went to a Christmas Tree Farm and chose our very own. The kids played hide and seek between the rows and rows, Maggie went nuts for the smells then we selected our White Fir and chopped it down ourselves. The kids carried it to the car and we drove it home. Loved EVERY minute
: Nana & Papa came to visit from the UK. It is so nice to be closer for the while that we will be and we are so lucky they love to travel. I have never not worked when they have visited before so it was REALLY nice to have the time to look after them properly and actually have downtime with them where I was fully present in conversations not answering emails under the table at the same time!
: We are ticking off the US traditions one by one and loving it. Pumpkin patches for Halloween are just brilliant, picking your own from hundreds and meeting the farm animals on the side.. I mean what is not to love?
: I did a fly in fly out to Long Beach with my kids to support our friend Rod in his swim across the Catalina Channel. They watched him dive into pitch black water around midnight and swim for hours, they heard him negative talk and they saw him get through it. A chance of a lifetime to witness such bravery and an experience they will never forget.
: Training solo in the lead up to my 50k trail race, training with my man getting ready for Ironman 70.3 in Hawaii and training with the kids for our Spartan Race. Safe to say training is back in our life in a big way
: The Plant Powered Life continues.. being Vegan suits us just fine. We don't miss meat, its no hassle eating out. Cooking at home is easy as anything and our food bills are way lower. Its all a win, win so far and so far is well over 9 months now.

What you been up too? Been making up any new traditions? 

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