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When you live and learn...

I wrote on Instagram about how I am choosing to live with less these days and make a conscious effort to not waste my time with things that bring no value to my life.. in turn I am making a concerted effort to do more of what does.

For me that comes in the form of learning and growing. Learning and growing by listening to anyone that offers advice and reading and researching things I don’t know or understand.

I have had so many of these moments in the last year that I decided it was time to share the ones that have shaped me the most.

Honesty is hard but so worthwhile, hearing it or giving it to others takes pulling up those big girl panties but the weight lifted from your shoulders when you do so is so much more so that the pain it takes to do it or read/listen to it on vice versa.

Acceptance to criticism, to situations, to limitations.. sitting with them and allowing yourself to ease into the reality of what they bring will have you change for the better in such amazing ways.

Selfishness comes from sometimes leaving or saying no to the ones you love is what you have to do for the ones you love most.. its not like extended family and friends don't mean the world to me but my husband and kids are top and when you allow them to be your main focus it feels liberating and it feels justified.

Giving or being of service is beyond rewarding.. go seek it out.. something you enjoy but gives to others.. charity, school, friends or even just doing something that fills you with pride for your own little family unit.

Trust that things will all be good in the long run. Expenses spring up, relationships go, life throws you curveballs and leaves you so uncertain so many bloody times but what purpose does it serve to dwell on it or let it pull you down. There is rarely anything we can do to change the past or even dictate the future but if we just trust in the now and stay happy with where we are at that time then the future will always pan out to be good..
It is probably the toughest one but the most powerful one too.

I am living and learning each and every day but these are the foundations that have repeatedly felt the most important to me in the biggest way..

What are your biggest lessons you have kept with you year after year? 

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