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Coaches.. to do or not to do..

I would say to do, again and again and again.. I was in a discussion the other day about whether the art of coaching was lost and whether the true coaches could survive as just a coach being their only income going forwards.

I could not advocate having a coach more if I tried, not forever and not just for a month. For an event, for a safe journey to a big adventure, to achieve a desired goal .. heck just to give you the knowledge you need to keep up a healthy lifestyle and know how to tackle future events you might want to take up or on.

I had a crap coach in the past and that can kill the system. The useless ones just throw out a program, analyze the data and charge less than the real hands on coaches. Unfortunately enough people get a result good enough to keep them happy from that pathetic approach which in turn keeps them in business.. 

Strava (or the likes) is not a coach, if you are endeavouring to do something that will take you out of your comfort zone then watching stats on a digital distractive platform that ranks you against people you have never met or simply have a totally different goal in mind to yours is just a time waster.

How do you find a decent coach? 

Ask around local groups and friends who have used one, get onto a local FB Group supporting the sport you want to do and see what comes up. Word of mouth is my favourite and finding a coach that has skills in the discipline you are chasing is key. If you have a certain event in mind they may even have raced it too which is an absolute bonus. 

I found mine as I was following Rich Roll and his ultra endurance vegan life, he waxed lyrical about his coach and then posted an image of him swimming with that coach at MY local pool. It was kismet, what can I say!

A true coach teaches you how to feel those numbers and all that data whilst doing the training, having self knowledge is what will keep you on track and ensure you cross the finishing line with a smile on your face.

My current coach uses my data numbers and all that stuff you analyze to adapt my next training week, he wants notes after every session regarding how I felt not my numbers.. he re arranges my schedule when life gets in the way, he does regular testing on feel to back up the numbers and builds in mandatory rest alongside big peaks. 

His ability to answer every dumb question with simple logic and no judgement has his athletes asking so many re occurring things he even started recording a podcast to cover the subjects for us.. 

The true art of coaching is not lost it’s just needs more people to discover it and spread the word.

I am writing this post purely as those that have been lucky enough to know or experience good coaches should spread the word so as not to loose those gems to online formatting and lazy glorified PT’s...

If you are in need of help in Australia I recommend talking to Grant.. he is the sort of coach I have currently and I know he is the sort of coach that if he felt he wasn't the best fit for you and your needs he would find you someone that was.. again.. the sign of a good coach. If you need mental strength outside of just the physical coaching he also runs Sports Supports who run workshops and do one on one also

Oh the synchronicity.. as I type his new podcast alert flashes on my phone.. FREAKY 😳😝

Have you ever used a coach for anything? 

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