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My we turned Plant Based, Yep the whole family..

Its been a year now so I feel I can chat about it with some backstory and an element of authority on the ins and outs of turning plant based as a family..

I am not suddenly some all hailing thou must all turn vegan, I am not biased towards it for any reason other than that I am now vegan because after much research I have learned that, apart from of course being beautifully ethical, a plant based diet is the best diet for my current and future health alongside the health of the environment.

One of the major stereotypes surrounding veganism is that vegans think they are better than others and that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to me..  I’m vegan not because I feel that I’m better than anyone else but rather because I understand that I am no different. Those type of Vegans need to loose their 'Vego', as a friend of mine calls it, as that idiotic attitude just drives wedges between differing thoughts on diets rather than bringing them closer which is what most people who live this narrative want.

We went vegan as Marcus came home one night having been listening to Rich Rolls Podcast and read his book Finding Ultra and simply liked what he had heard. Rich doesn't say go cold turkey (pardon the pun) or nothing at all, he simply promotes that you add as many vegetables to your diet as you can and loose the dairy for a while and see how you feel.

The health of our countries are declining, weight issues are rising, the amount of people being diagnosed with life altering and even deadly illnesses is two a penny and it seems like every other person is on a cocktail of medications for all sorts of varied ailments. 

Marcus and I were on medication for stress/anxiety/depression. My future has a high chance of seeing Breast Cancer rear its ugly head and that of course worries me. 

Marcus was chasing a new diet to treat his gut health which has always been erratic and I had read and heard how people have reversed serious end of life diagnoses from simply adopting a plant based diet. If any of us had any gremlins in our bodies waiting to grow into something bigger and simply changing our diet could stop that then I was all in.

The other side effect for athletes is that it is reported to aid with much faster recovery from training sessions so with what, at the time, was a 50k Trail Run Race coming up and lots of training hours ahead this also appealed to me!

So thats why we did it and we did pretty much do it over night. I only had a few pieces of fish to use up and from that point forwards I simply bought purely plant based.

AND how has it been?...

There are of course things we miss but to be honest there are substitutes from pretty much anything nowadays. They say the more you eat something the more you crave it so now I just crave salad!!

We never told the kids they had to stay plant based, we just said we will be at home and would love you to be when you are out. They sometimes have some sushi with fish in, maybe once a month they will have a cookie, cupcake or ice cream at someones house but all in all they have adapted in and out of home into fully fledged little Veganites!

We all lost weight/body fat to start with and have now plateaued at that lower weight/body fat.
We all sleep better.
Marcus has found his stomach is so much more settled.
That recovery blurb we had heard about 'feels' true.. (I can only compare)
Our skin, hair and eyes look brighter and clearer.
Our food bills have gone down big time.
My cooking skills have improved.
Our knowledge (as a family) of nutrients, whole foods and dietary facts has grown.
We have become a lot more eco friendly as a bi product

We are still learning but the longer we are plant based and come across transformative stories of peoples lives changing for the better having turned or led a plant based life the more I know we won't change back.

The accessibility to plant based food just keeps getting better, the products available to cook with mimicking animal products (I am talking cheese baby) are growing day by day and I just can't find a good reason not to continue just the way we are..

Have you made a big diet change in your life? How did yours go? 

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