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Getting good at Gratitude

I have noticed that in life, the more grateful you are the more is given to you to be grateful for both spiritually and literally.  Where my attention goes the energy flows.

Having a gratitude driven mindset is a choice and its not always easy but there is literally always something to be grateful for. Being in touch with gratitude can also totally change everything about your day, your relationships and the life you create for yourself. If I start the day making a point of looking for the things I like about myself instead of focusing on my flaws I give myself the best foot to step forward on for a day of happiness and content.

Look for the good and more than likely you will find it. You will show those around you and your family how sitting amongst positivity sends good vibrations to each and every person you come in contact with.

Remember that success will start small but once you allow it in there will be a continuous flow. Every day is a chance to become closer to the person you've yet to become. Grounding your actions in purpose and passion will ensure you never grow bored of them.

For me our egos can ruin our lives. Social media has so much to answer for with youngsters becoming so sexual in their images which in turn attaches their sex lives to that ego, couples display these amazing marriages because their egos want the likes, people don't talk about life's downsides thanks to their ego of not appearing perfect, we are even ignoring our mental health because of our egos.

A lack or gratitude for what we DO have stems from our desire to compete or fit in or look like we have it all together when most of us just voyaging along and muddling through it.

Be honest, be humble. The ego can't overpower those simple missions and in doing so you make connections with the people you entrust that will permit your heart to grow and your personality to flourish despite that ego.

It really is worth giving your attention to, a little bit of gratitude can make a lifetime of change for you and so many others..

Have you ever tried to spend a whole day in gratitude?

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