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Who said Plant Powered food was for Rabbits?

Sure we eat LOADS more veggies than we used to do but we still eat Pizza, Mac 'n' Cheese, visit Sushi Restaurants and the kids even eat Burgers on our serious junk food days..

I think a lot of people assume to do it well you have to switch to constant salads and there are no longer any go to lazy day meals for Mum to bash out in a hurry. Au contraire.. My 10 minute wonders are Baked Potatoes (with lashings of vegan butter), Veggie Burger & Chips and the likes of Avocado Bagels.

I already have a few recipes shared on here but I have been saving my casual inspirations on Instagram in my Story Highlights (of course you can only see them on the mobile app) and a few people have asked me to share them here so I thought I would collage up the favourite requests so far and see if you requested any from them..

Easy Breakfast Ideas..

Simple Family Friendly Dinners..

Sweet Treats..

What do you think you would miss? Mine was scrambled eggs and bacon yet I haven't craved them once. How weird is that?

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