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The Pretend Hippy

I think I might be a happy pretend hippy..

I am no hippy thats for sure but I can see their school of thought and why they are the way they are with such devotion and passion. I also think the way I think has become far closer to that stereotype. They way I behave and interact with my children is shifting in that direction at a heightened speed.

Ok so they smoked pot a lot but I see it as kinda like me during my medicated time. It loosened my stresses and allowed me to find a way to be happier, a way to deal with my emotions before they became a negative impact. It gave me clarity in situations I previously would not have had.

Now I am off my meds my emotions are at the surface, I am ok with sharing them because it feels right. I am ok with people seeing how moved I am by other peoples joy. Sure it looks silly but its just honest and its kinda hippy like.

Maybe hippies smoke forever to maintain that openness but I don’t think they need too. I reckon it does just what meds do and dulls reality. Nothing wrong with feeling dulled in a good way for the time we need it, that adjustment period is key to the life after negative times, but not forever. I feel we need to learn and progress

So I am plant based now and of course people think that makes me a hippy but even without animal products in my life when I am lazy and eat processed food like breads, gnocchi, big bowls of cereal, that kind of thing. I feel my body get heavy and my energy levels drop.

When I eat whole foods and take time to prepare hearty meals with intention behind the ingredients, thinking about what it is going to do for my body and my families whilst I am cooking, I feel proud and the pride is there in the tasting.. I am sure of it.

I am 100% sure that no longer taking on the energy of animal products has a huge part to play in not only my physical changes but even more so my mental energy.

Even the kids said the other day that they are so happy they don’t eat animals. They totally got that at their exact moment of going from being on the planet to becoming ready for a plate they would have been nervous, scared and in pain. How can all those chemical reactions that are happening to them not change yours when you ingest the chemicals still sitting in the meat?

Those hippies are all about forks over knives and they gibe on the energetic vibrations of what you eat along with a beautiful approach to your thoughts and actions and I think they are onto something!

I would love to say I AM a hippy but I can't do flares or tie die.. sorry not sorry.

Have you taken anything from another culture of section of society?

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