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Visiting PNW..

We have loved California and its coast line since we have been here and the more National Parks we travel the more we fall in love with the USA..

That said it still doesn't top Australia for us as we beaches are not close to the greenery in quite the same way.. UNTIL we went to PNW. Officially not the whole of PNW as that includes Alaska and we only went to Portland, Washington State and Oregon.

Portland was tiny but pretty darn hip 'n' trendy with an amazing market scene, bustling food trucks and some amazing restaurants. Our favourite was Voodoo Doughnuts, they do a ridiculous range of Vegan Doughnuts, so many that we were able to just say choose us a dozen!

When you talk parks in the area there is no going past Mount Hood. Now that place I 100% want to go back and spend more time exploring as we did a day trip and I am pretty sure I could spend a month.

After that came Seattle and I totally fell in love. It was like Sydney on Steroids with so many islands across so much water. Gorgeous beaches and ahmazing house prices, as in 1/3 of the price of Sydney. I was kinda ready to move and then I found out how cold it gets and that it is super rainy a fair portion of the year. I can do cold, especially if there is skiing near but rain?!.. No thanks.

So Seattle you totally have my heart but only in Summer..

Our last pit stop was Idaho and I won't lie, I was a little bit jealous that half the houses had these excessively large garages to house their RV's AND they had docks off the front for the speedboats and jet ski's that pretty much each and every home had. 

It is life on the water, cruising, speeding or fishing. Again I fell in love and again I was reminded how crap it was in Winter so I am glad I cam in Summer as I will just hold the magical memories instead.

Have you done many National Parks in the US? Where were your favourites? 

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